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With the current change in climate and sea level increase

by:Trust&Deal Breeding Equipment     2020-07-01
Global warming is the result of greenhouse effect. What is greenhouse effect? Well, it is heating up of the surface of any planet due to presence of gases in the atmosphere. These gases are called greenhouse gases. These gases when released in the atmosphere trap heat within the atmosphere. This results in rise in earth's temperature. Generally, earth gets its light from Sun. Almost fifty percent of sun's energy is absorbed by earth's surface. Earth radiated this energy in form of infrared range. Greenhouse gases absorb this range and retain it. In fact, greenhouse gases can trap heat for years in them. Global warming is not just limited to increase in temperature. It also results in global climate change. With change in climate and rise in earth's temperature, glaciers around the world can be observed and it has been noticed that they are melting. Melting of glaciers at this high rate can be threatening. This is resulting in an increase in the sea levels. With expansion of water in sea, it will intrude in ground water. It can also result in scarcity of drinking water. With salty water mixing up with the ground water, we can face the problem of less drinking water in future. Hence, the risk of flood is more at coastal areas. If we look at it in future, this might result in earth merging under water as well. Global warming can result in extreme weather situations. It also means a lot of natural calamities. These natural calamities can be floods, droughts, cyclones, volcanoes, heat strokes etc. Also, we cannot run away from the fact that with extreme changes in weather and climate conditions, human beings will also be affected. It is not sure whether we will be able to cope up with such extreme situations physically. With so many natural calamities and physical challenges around, it would be very difficult for the human race to maintain their existence on earth. Due to rise in temperature, new diseases might multiply in new atmospheric conditions. This can lead to more medical and health issues with future generations. Countries across the world are pledging today to fight against global warming for a secure and healthy future for their citizens. It is imperative that we as individuals also start taking initiatives to stop global warming. It can be done by doing small things like carpool, using cloth bags for shopping and not wasting power
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