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When you've decided that you want to redecorate

by:Trust&Deal Breeding Equipment     2020-07-11
You will find blinds offer all of the above and depending on the time of day whether to let the sun shine in or keep it out as you adjust the blinds. To open or close them entirely, you pull on a heavy string to adjust them up or down. There are slats on blinds and they come in vertical or horizontal, and you adjust the slats or louvers with a rod that twists. Blinds are made of wood, bamboo, plastic or metal. Shutters are similar to blinds, but heavier and they mount them on a solid frame. There are shutters made for the interior or exterior of your home, and they swing open or closed. Many attach them permanently to the outside of the home, and they serve no particular function other than beautification. The inside shutters swing away from the window and the wide louvers open and close by moving one louver that controls the rest. Curtains come in many colors, patterns or designs, and vary from thick to sheer materials. You'll find curtains that cross the window on a rod and you can push them open. There are types of curtains that attach to the rod on pretty hooks and you can open or close them using a string attached to the hooks. Today many modern homes drape the curtains across the top of the window, and the bottom hangs all the way to the floor. This type of curtain serves only decorative purposes. The homeowner can easily install curtains while you must measure the blinds and shutters and they must fit your windows especially if you have unusual size windows. Local hardware stores and many department stores carry curtains and the rods to hang them. We haven't mentioned draperies. Draperies come in heavy material and are not as popular today as in the past. They often line the draperies mainly to keep the sun out, and they operate on a rod with hooks and strings to open and close them. While you wash curtains either by hand or machine, draperies usually need cleaning by a professional dry cleaner. The easiest way to keep your blinds and shutters clean is to dust them regularly, and they rarely washing.
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