Plastic accessory supplier for Poultry & Livestock Breeding Equipment

When was Trust&Deal established?
Trust&Deal Co.,Ltd. has rich experience in producing wall shutters . Since the business began, we experienced problems and underwent frustrations. After years of development and efforts, we've accumulated rich experience in producing and offering expert customer services. As company rapidly develops, we've sold our products to many foreign countries and regions and have gained recognition in the international market.

Trust&Deal Breeding Equipment is a worldwide famous poultry light trap provider. Trust&Deal's air inlet for poultry farm series contains multiple sub-products. The elements of Trust&Deal Breeding Equipment poultry flooring can be programmed to respond to climatic or other environmental factors, time, levels and type of occupancy and so on to improve performance and efficiency. It has been tested to reach the national health standard. The screen of this product features high resolution. Adopting the backlight technology in LCD production, the screen of this product generates little or no flicker. The product is superior in bending fatigue resistance.

Our company bears social responsibility. Aiming at reducing the potential environmental burden and impacts caused by our products, we make a life cycle assessment part of the development of sustainable new products.
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