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What are SMEs for pig crate ?
Small and medium enterprises for pig crate take up a great proportion to the total manufacturers established. They are certified under international accreditation institutions to have a mature manufacturing management mechanism. They tend to rely on advanced technologies from the leading companies and institutions to follow the market trend as the base for innovating products. Trust&Deal Co.,Ltd. is such a company, with a great focus on quality control though we have limited resources and technology supports. We will keep improving ourselves so as to tap into more markets.

Trust&Deal is aimed at providing consumers with the ultimate experience of poultry flooring. Trust&Deal's air inlet for poultry farm series contains multiple sub-products. Trust&Deal Breeding Equipment poultry light trap is strictly inspected. It will be ensured that the edges are uniform around all sides and be reviewed from multiple angles. It has good tensile, flexural, and compressive resistance properties. The product has been verified by the third-party authorities that it can eliminate and remove the pesticide and chemical residues. It doesn't have the problem of sudden cracking.

Our company is committed to sustainability in the value chain. This commitment applies to quality assurance, occupational safety, environmental protection and sustainable manufacturing processes and performance in our products.
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