Plastic accessory supplier for Poultry & Livestock Breeding Equipment

What about word-of-mouth of Trust&Deal?
We not only specialize in producing Trust&Deal Co.,Ltd. but also aim at making our self-created brand - Trust&Deal, well-known to the world. Over many years, we have worked hard to improve our production process and technology to get quality and prices exceeding our competitors. And we also streamline our ordering and support services to make sure we can handle customers’ problems fast. Through consistently offering the finest quality of products and stellar services, we have earned more and more happy and engaged customers. Our brand now is well-spoken in the market.

Trust&Deal Breeding Equipment has received more and more compliments for its finest quality chicken crates. Trust&Deal's fiberglass beams series contains multiple sub-products. The development of our team Breeding Equipment exhaust shutter has taken different factors into consideration. It is developed considering appropriate power, load current capability, supply voltage, harmonic, or other key factors that affect power source utilization. The eco-friendly and excellent materials help minimize the risk of infections. The product features a high CRI (color rendering index). It brings out the true colors of an object without appearing dinginess or inaccuracy. The stains don't get stuck on the product surface easily.

We achieve sustainable development through production waste minimization. By improving or changing processes, by-products, edge trims or off-cuts are reduced or even eliminated. This makes a great difference in waste production.
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