Plastic accessory supplier for Poultry & Livestock Breeding Equipment

What about the maximum supply of poultry floor by Trust&Deal per month?
Trust&Deal Co.,Ltd. has established our own factory. We are a professional poultry floor manufacturer equipped with advanced machine and state-of-art technology. We can perform mass production to meet the needs of customers across the world. During the busy season, there could be mountains of orders for us to deal with efficiently in order.

Having an advanced manufacturing line, Trust&Deal Breeding Equipment includes a mature production technology. Trust&Deal's chicken crates series contains multiple sub-products. The product is durable enough. It is made of 304 stainless steel and formed by automated laser welding, thus there is no possibility of damage. It can withstand rough cleaning and handling. People agreed that this product is an indispensable item in their daily life. It adds great convenience to many indoor or outdoor decorative materials. Its hollow design can decrease the accumulation of harmful gas.

Our company is devoted to three Goals: providing high-quality goods at competitive costs together with the fastest turnaround time on the planet.
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