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Vertical blind slats are an attractive and practical

by:Trust&Deal Breeding Equipment     2020-06-27
The first step in the process calls for purchasing a vertical blind cleaning tool. This tool resembles a pair of salad tongs, with small sponges located at the end of each tong. If this type of tool is not easy to find locally, you can always make your own. Purchase an inexpensive set of metal salad tongs at a local discount store, along with two sponges. Make a small slit in the sponges and coat the tongs with a small amount of glue. Slide the sponges over the tongs and allow a few moments for the glue to set. Along with the cleaning tool, purchase a mild washing powder that is recommended for the slat material. If you have plastic slats, washing up liquid will do fine. For fabric covered slats, go with a mild washing powder that is compatible with the type of fibres used in the material. You will also need two buckets that can enough water for the cleaning project. As a final tool, purchase a drop cloth that can be used to protect the floor or carpeting in the general area of the blinds. Prepare one bucket with a small amount of washing powder and some warm water. The second bucket should contain only clean water. Spread the drop cloth under the blinds and then set the two buckets so they are in easy reach. Just before you begin to clean, open the blinds so that you can easily access both sides. To begin cleaning, place the sponge ends of the cleaning tool into the soapy water. Allow the sponges to become saturated. Begin at the top of the slat, making sure to capture the slat in between the two tongs. Close the tongs so the sponges are firmly against each side of the slat. Slowly move downward, applying just enough pressure to clean the slat without pulling it out of position. Once you've reached the bottom of one slat. Immerse the tongs in the clean bucket of water, taking care to squeeze out any excess. Go over the washed slat with the now clean sponges to remove any lingering residue of the washing powder. Repeat this process with all the remaining slats in the vertical blind array. In a short time, you'll have a gleaming set of blinds that look brand new. Keep in mind that while you may feel a little awkward at first, it doesn't take long to determine how much pressure to exert on the tongs and be able to clean each slat properly. Once you've finished the job, the drop cloth can be placed in the wash, or hung out to dry until the next use. Best of all, this process does not require taking down any of the slats, allowing you to save time.
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