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by:Trust&Deal Breeding Equipment     2020-07-05
Color There is no rule anywhere that requires the same color of the living room carpet must be used in each bedroom and the study. Choose a color to contrast at least slightly with the walls for distance judgment and determine each room's carpeting color based on the rest of the room's decor. Dark colors show lint and dust easily and usually make the room seem smaller and more intimate. Light or bright colors show dirt and stains easily but tend to expand the appearance, making it seem larger than it actually is. Regardless of the color chosen for entry areas, consider using area rugs on the carpeting to not only help prevent traffic wear but also help trap dirt before it's tracked farther into your house. Using a bright, geometric-patterned runner on darker carpeting lend an excellent delineation from entry to expanse. Material The material from which your carpet is made can make a tremendous difference in look, feel and wear over the years you hope to have it. Nylon or synthetic fibers tend to last longer than pure wool fibers but aren't quite as comfortable when lying or walking on it. However, few people actually consider a barefooted, side-by-side comparison. If longevity is your top goal but comfort is a consideration, look for a synthetic and natural fiber blend. Treatments Most carpeting is manufactured with stain and wear-resistant additives. Accidents happen to everyone, but if you have or want children or pets, consider carpeting with high levels of stain protection. However, remember that the material is stain-resistant, not stain-proof. Carefully blot spills quickly and safely shampoo the carpeting as quickly as possible. For high traffic areas such as hallways, entry ways and bathrooms, consider wear-resistant carpeting. If you want continuity from other areas or rooms, consider area rugs to help protect the carpet fibers that get crushed, broken and cut from in-ground dirt and friction. Piling Shorter piling, like that in Berber carpeting, resists wear and hides vacuum and foot patterns. Tightly woven piling that is uniform in length and height can last far longer than that of deep or mixed piling, because there is less wear on the individual strands, and because less dirt gets trapped. Size Measure your room from baseboard to baseboard. Determine whether you would save with purchase from a 12-foot-wide or a 15-foot-wide roll, which are the two most common roll widths in most stores. Seams, closets and irregular shapes contribute to the total amount and sometimes the appearance of the carpeting. Consider both the length and width of the room in determining if you will have to join two or more pieces and whether you want seamed or seamless flooring. If necessary, have a professional installer measure the room and provide an expert opinion.
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