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The Disc Separators are used for separation of

by:Trust&Deal Breeding Equipment     2020-07-15
Working of Disk Separator: There are various working parameters which are to be considered in the working of a disk separator. We need to notice drum speed, clear liquid and re-liquid interface location, such as feed speed. The various main structural parameters are as follows: diameter of the drum inside, settlement size equivalent, disk size and total film disk number etc. From the hopper, feed material is discharged to a vibratory feeder tray. Beneath rotating disc a layer of feed material is continuously transported. Then magnetic particles are continuously attracted towards high gradient magnetic areas on the discs. The captured particles are then carried to the discharge chutes where they are released. The total discharge of magnetic particles is ensured by scrapers mounted on the chutes. Second magnetic zone where the secondary separation occurs transports the non magnetic material, which is finally discharged at the end of the machine as a clean non magnetic product. Application areas of Disc Separator: Immersion of dry, large grained minerals such as limonite, garnet, monazite, tantalite and etc. Removal of minerals of low vulnerability from metals like zircon etc. In glass production industry for purification of quartz. In Mineral oil industry for the purification of fuel and lubricants within ship master, land use diesel engines, power plants.In Dairy industry for clarification of fresh milk and its purification. In Vegetable oil industry for the purification and clarification of palm oil, degumming of refined vegetable oil from soap, such as dehydration. In Beverage products industry for clarification of beer, juice, beverage, plant protein centrifuge, treatment of wastewater, etc. In Starch industry for grading and concentration of starch. In pharmaceutical industry for the process of purification and clarification of antibiotics, pharmaceutical and biochemical pharmaceutical etc. In chemical industry for purification or clarification of chemical raw materials. In Wool Industry for extraction and purification of lanolin. In Latex industry for purification and concentration of natural rubber. You can also use marine disk separator for removal of marine diesel fuel and lubricating oil in the water and impurities. There are automatic discharging disk separator which is special designed equipment for refining oil and fat. For liquid clarification oil disc separators are used. Disc separator can be for centrifuge purposes in many other industries also such as laboratory, petroleum, as well as for extraction of animal and plant protein, refining and extraction of animal fat, centrifuge of various mixed fatty acids.
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