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The Brown Recluse Spider is found mainly in the

by:Trust&Deal Breeding Equipment     2020-06-07
The Behavior of the Brown Recluse is that of a passive hunter. The Female Brown Recluse will sit in a harborage area where they wait to ambush their prey. This spider will spin a irregular web which serves as its daytime retreat, this will be in area that does not have much activity and will not easily be disturbed. The Immature and the male actively explore for food. The male will also actively search out the female and is usually the spider that is frequently caught on sticky traps. Places that are common harborage areas for the brown recluse spiders are dark, undisturbed sites indoors and or outdoors. Indoors they will be found in the attics, basements, crawl spaces, cellars, closets, duct works or registers. These spiders favorite harborage areas storage boxes, shoes, clothing and behind/ beneath furniture. They are often found in barns, under rock piles, and stacks of firewood and debris. You will typically see roaming spiders at night as they are actively searching for food. Silverfish are a favorite food of the brown recluse spiders, but they will also eat other insects and spiders. They are also scavenger of dead insects. Typically the Brown Recluse spider is not aggressive and will only bite when crushed, disturbed or handled. Even with that said bites are common and sometimes are caused with simply someone putting on a pair of boots that are left in the garage. The bite is very painful, deep wound that can take a long time to heal. In some cases a severe reaction to the bite can occur and the wound can erupt into a 'volcano Lesion' , a hole in the flesh due to damaged, gangrenous tissue. A Good residual insecticide will help keep your home, garage and barn spider free. The idea is to have some chemical that will serve as a spider trap as they crawl across the barrier you have applied. Cy-kick CS with SmartCap Technology is one such product and is available in liquid concentrate and also aerosol spray which makes for easy applications. You can do a spot treatment wall and floor junctures in the basement, crawl spaces, garages' behind your furniture closets and attics. You can use a pressurized aerosol to make easy work of treatments behind baseboards, window frames, door frames, under the edge of carpeting and cracks between wood timbers in attics, basements and crawl spaces. Outdoors you can do your pest control treatment with a appropriate insecticide should be made to the foundations, gaps beneath sidings, piles of lumber or debris and beneath decks. Following these guidelines and recommendations will help make your house less attractive to the brown recluse spider. You can achieve a highly effective spider control before they make it inside and prevent any issues with high populations.
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