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slate flooring - pros and cons

by:Trust&Deal Breeding Equipment     2020-03-12
What is Slate?
The slate is a deteriorated rock of gray, green and blue color that can be cut into very flat pieces.
In the past, stone slabs were used as writing boards in schools.
Slabs are also used on the roof and floor.
Nowadays, people usually use slabs as bathroom floors, walls, and sometimes ceilings in their homes.
This is common in Asian style decor where the bathtub/shower is not separated from the rest of the bathroom.
The slate is especially good for the bathroom because it is moisture-proof, bacteria-resistant and stain-resistant.
Slate floors can be added to every room in the home.
It is very elegant and adds a certain degree of complexity to any environment.
The advantages of using slate flooring in your home can definitely weigh the pros and cons.
The slate floor can easily continue the life of the family if properly taken care.
Once the slate floor is installed, you don\'t have to worry about more than keeping the floor clean.
If you want to change the look of the slate floor or want to make sure you protect it from the elements, then you just have to seal it up. (
This can be done before or after installation.
Ladder recommended)
I suggest doing this with penetrating water.
Seal based on slate tiles.
This may change the look by bringing in different textures and colors, but it shouldn\'t make a big difference.
Some of the drawbacks of installing the slate floor are the cost.
It is much more expensive than some other popular flooring materials such as vinyl, laminate, ceramics and porcelain.
You can save labor costs if you install it yourself.
Compared to other high-end floors like marble and granite, the slate is fairly easy to use.
But if you are new, I suggest you pay for the installation.
Another downside to having a slate floor is how they feel.
The slate was cold and hard.
It also fades and chips if not careful.
It is easy to scratch, so it is recommended to add proper padding to any furniture on the slate floor.
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