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Sash windows have been the standard for many years

by:Trust&Deal Breeding Equipment     2020-06-11
There are, as always some disadvantages to these windows as well. The frames are plastic, as are most of the internal clips and other parts. General wear and tear will often mean that the upper part of the window will not stay up because the interior parts have become worn. It can be quite difficult to repair these windows as there a multitude of brands in the market so replacement parts and qualified fitters can be hard to come by. These windows contain gases in the space between the panes of glass. Unfortunatly, after time the windows will appear foggy if the seal is broken. What other choices are there? One choice could be casement windows. They use a crank mechanism and are fixed on hinges that allows them to open outwards from the side. The screens are on the inside, which may be problematic in homes with children or pets. They suit most modern houses. Jalousie windows use a tilt system which allow the windows to be tilted at the same time using parallel louvers. Most commonly in conservatories or porches, Jalousie windows are best suited to areas with mild climates. Awning windows are basically jalousies with much wider slats, generally six inches or more. However, one drawback is their lack of ventilation as the only open slightly. One of the most suitable choices will be sash windows as this types of window is very practical allowing light and air to flow through home, but they also look good adding a sense of style and class to your home. If you own a period home, sticking with classic sash windows with wooden frames is probably your best bet. By installing exterior caulking and storm windows you can prevent any heat loss and it is fairly easy to replace rotten window sills.
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