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by:Trust&Deal Breeding Equipment     2020-05-31
Believe it or not, vacuum cleaners have been around for a long time. The first contraption was a carpet sweeper designed by Daniel Hess in 1860. The machine had a rotating brush to raise dirt, dust and particles off the floor. It also had an elaborate bellow system to suction up the dirt, dust and particles. It wasn't until eight years later, in 1868, that the first manually powered vacuum cleaner was invented by Ives W. McGaffey. It was not particularly easy to use as you had to turn a hand crank as you pushed the cleaner across the floor. A familiar name entered the fray in 1876, when Melville Bissell designed a vacuum cleaner for his wife. Bissell founded Bissell Carpet Sweepers, but died in 1889. Today Bissell has been joined by other vacuum cleaner manufacturers, such as Dyson, Eureka, Hoover and Electrolux. Bissell Starting with the grand-daddy of vacuum cleaners, Bissell offers powerful bagless uprights to simple the world of carpet sweepers. The Bissell 22C1 CleanView Helix bagless, upright vacuum captures dirt on carpets and across bare floors. Its system of internal 'ribs' in the machine's easy-empty dirt container forces the largest pieces of debris down to the bottom of the tank. It has a powerful 12-amp motor and a wide cleaning path - with more bristles and a wide cleaning path - to take care of most cleaning needs. Its HEPA filter will snag more than 99.9 percent of indoor allergens. It offers dual-edge cleaning to hit the baseboards and around furniture. On the simplest end of Bissell is the 21012 Sweep Up sweeper. This cordless sweeper is even better than a broom. It brushes pick up the tiniest crumbs to the dust ball of cat hair in the corner. It works well on all surfaces like wood, tile, and vinyl and can sweep low to get under the furniture. Dyson Dyson may be a name you hear a lot about these days and with good reason. If you are a pet owner, then Dyson's DC25 animal vacuum may be the tool you need. First, the vacuum spins on a dime, thanks to Dyson's ball technology. It has a telescope reach wand so you can reach under sofas, beds and under cushions. Tests show that, thanks to the root cyclone technology, there is no loss of suction with this bagless dream machine. Its HEPA filter can be washed and reused, allowing you to trap more than 99.9-percent of allergens. Its 11 amps of power let you blaze over carpet, wood and vinyl floors and other surfaces. Another Dyson you don't often see featured on its commercials is the Dyson DC14 steel and white all-floor vacuum. This upright canister model also features root cyclone technology. It comes loaded with a telescope reach 16-foot wand. It too is friend of the allergic homeowner, and is certified asthma and allergy friendly. In fact, its exhaust air has up to 150 times less bacteria and mold than the air you breathe on any given day. For convenience sake, it has on-board tool storage and tools for the stairs and crevices of your home. Eureka This is a name long recognized for its cleaning power. Today's Eureka is available in bagless technology, starting with the 8852DVZ capture bagless upright vacuum cleaner. This machine comes with a sealed HEPA filtration system, pet upholstery brush, nested crevice wand and dusting brush. It has an on-off brush roll that lets you easily pick up pet hair and debris from both floors and carpets. With an easy suction control switch, you can quickly divert suction from the floor to the hose. Because it's bagless, there is an easy-to-empty dust cup and a 3-dry quart bin capacity. At the lower price range is the 2905A Powerline vacuum that is as light as it is powerful. This model also features HEPA filtration and a bagged containment system to rid your home of allergens, dust and debris. The machine comes with a 30-foot cord that lets you cover a couple of rooms before moving the cord. And when it comes time to store it, the Powerline vacuum weighs less than 15 pounds. Hoover Recognizing the tough cleaning battle that comes with owning a pet, Hoover also offers a Pet Cyclonic bagless upright vacuum. These cleaners come with patented WindTunnel technology, which is designed to rid your home of pet hair with its felt hair grabber and rotating brush. It's built with dual-stage cyclonic technology, first trapping and then moving the dirt and pet hair. The bagless vacuum conveniently releases dirt from the bottom of the cylinder. Electrolux If you want a green cleaner, check out the Electrolux EL6984A UltraSilencer green canister vacuum cleaner. More than half of the vacuum comes from recycled materials. After that, it works as well as the best vacuums, cleaning carpets, tiles, vinyl and hardwood floors. This canister-style cleaner has a high-efficiency motor, offers adjustable suction power and a convenient foot-controlled on-off button. With so many options in vacuum cleaning technology, you are sure to find the one that fits your lifestyle, price range and cleaning needs.
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