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Net-zero egg barn with solar energy opens in Alberta

by:Trust&Deal Breeding Equipment     2020-03-05
In the southern part of Alberta, brantétcheroon is trying to do something that has never been done before --
It aims to produce about 13,000 eggs a day, while producing non-et greenhouse gas emissions.
The colony of 105 people recently cut color on Canada\'s first online
The zero egg barn is designed to produce as much energy as possible.
Solar panels on roofs and various high floors
Technical equipment should effectively reduce the carbon footprint of the facility and mark the latest attempt by the agricultural group to improve the sustainability of the industry.
\"This project is indeed the first time in Canada to try new technologies, which may define the new normal of energy efficiency and reduce the climate impact on animal housing,\" said Nathan Pelletier . \", Professor of Sustainable Development, Columbia University, UK.
Alberta\'s egg farmers have let hens spread their wings BlackBerry launch new smartphones and strengthen the revenue season for safe oil patches, which will bring more red ink. The barn it planned to build was approved by Alberta egg farmers.
\"I don\'t think it\'s fair for us to say it bluntly, so we decided that even if it doesn\'t work, we would do more for the industry than we did for us, Darrell Mandel and the colony said.
The colony received a $250,000 provincial government grant to help offset some of the costs of the project, including 100 solar panels.
Collect data on all aspects of operations on a daily basis.
The colony held several tours for other interested farmers. The free-
There are 13,000 brown birds in the barn on the ranch floor, each producing an egg a day.
Some of the colony\'s regulations include the need to provide data to egg farmers in Alberta and install live video streaming within the barn.
This caused some discontent in the colony.
Agricultural groups across Canada are under pressure from retailers and consumers to improve sustainability through additional measures involving animal welfare, biosafety, food safety and the environment.
So far, the uncertain result is that solar panels operate as expected, offsetting the energy needs of the facility. An energy-
Efficient refrigeration units and other equipment also operate well, although heat recovery ventilation systems that use outdoor warm winds to heat fresh air intake are still an ongoing work.
\"This is agricultural research,\" said Jenna Griffin . \" He helped egg farmers in Alberta manage the project.
\"You will encounter some bumps, obstacles and obstacles.
For the greater good of the industry, you really have to be willing to be the one who goes through it all.
\"Canadian crop prices have skyrocketed, and while supply beef prices have begun to fall abruptly from record highs, the Alberta provincial government is trying to act on climate change through a series of initiatives as cattle farmers are being validated, including the promotion of renewable energy production.
Alberta aims to rely on renewable energy for electricity consumption by 2030.
Agriculture accounts for eight of Alberta\'s total greenhouse gases.
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