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In this article we focus on the dangers hotel

by:Trust&Deal Breeding Equipment     2020-06-28
From the moment you walk into a hotel you could be walking into a holiday accident death trap. The fashion for glass domed receptions means that they are prone to leakages causing slip hazards on the reception floors and steps. Each year hundreds of people fracture their ankles and wrists due to falls in hotel receptions because spillages and leakages have not been attended to. Think you are safe once you are in the confines of your room? Think again. Balcony doors without any stickers can result in people walking into them because it has not been they are closed - resulting in lacerations and permanent scarring. Unsecured fittings such as light fittings, sinks and pictures also cause breaks and fractures due to the negligence of the hotel. So you are on you way to lounge by the swimming pool for a refreshing dip. What could possibly go wrong? Every year adults and children cut their feed on broken tiles on the hotel pool meaning that the rest of their holiday is ruined. Many more sustain injuries because their sun beds or grating round the swimming pool collapses. Worse still, on a windy day you may be one of the unlucky few that gets a parasol in the face because it has not been secured properly. If you do have a holiday accident, it is vital to instruct a holiday lawyer who can help you make a claim against your tour operator. If you have booked a package holiday in the UK you can sue your holiday company even though your holiday accident happened in a foreign country. Even if your hotel, apartment or villa was outside the EU you can make claims for accidents that happened in places like the USA, the Caribbean, Turkey and Egypt if the hotel has acted negligently. Tour operators and hoteliers have a duty to ensure that they check all areas of the hotel to make sure they are safe. Thousands of people each year sustain slip and trip accidents resulting in injury that could have been avoided. All aspects of the hotel's operation including entertainments, restaurant facilities, sporting equipment and public areas need to be safe to prevent people from sustaining injuries. In order to bring an action for an accident on holiday it is vital that you show a hotel has breached local regulations. You would be surprised at the extent to which hotels are significantly regulated in order to prevent injury. This is because countries that rely heavily on tourism are concerned about their reputations and impose standards that may be even higher than in the UK. A travel lawyer will tell you about the merits of your case and how much compensation you can claim.
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