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Impact crusher main shaft assembly is composed

by:Trust&Deal Breeding Equipment     2020-06-22
Base Impact crusher eddy current crushing cavity, spindle assembly, electric motor, transmission device are all arranged on the base, a pair of motors are mounted on longitudinal ends, and the base is put on the frame. Transmission Impact crusher driving device adopts belt transmission mechanism driven by dual motor, two motors are respectively arranged on both sides of the main shaft assembly, and two motor belts are connected to the spindle belt that balance the force of both sides and avoid additional torque. Lubrication system Impact crusher lubricating systems using Mobil vehicle lubricants, super concentrated lubrication or 3# lithium grease, lubricating parts are upper bearing and lower bearing. In order to make lubrication facilitated, we can take it to mechanical lateral by oil tube for oil pump refuel on schedule. Feed hopper Impact crusher feeder takes inverted frustum structure; ring wear is arranged on the feed inlet, materials enter the impact crusher through the feeding hopper. Distributor Impact crusher distributor is mounted on the upper of the eddy current crushing cavity; the role of distributor is speeding up material until be projected out when they go through the central feeding tube directly into impeller with equal power consumption and reach productivity increasing and efficiency improvement. Vortex crusher Impact crusher vortex cavity has a annular space structure which is composed by two segments of cylinder. An impeller rotate with high speed, eddy current crushing cavity can reside material, forming material layer which separate crushing layer and crushing cavity walls so that crushing effect is limited to materials and line themselves. The observation hole sealed shut. Distributor is fixed on the upper cylindrical section of eddy current crushing cavity; High-speed rotating impeller products angry flow, they flow though distributor and impeller, forming self circulation system. Impeller Impact crusher impeller is a hollow cylinder made of special material, it is mounted on a spindle assembly end head, cone sleeve and binding transfer torque, high rotating speed impact crusher impeller is the key components, the material enter into the impeller from the upper wheel feeder central feeding tube, central cloth cone allocate to the each emission stream crossing on average, Head cast material is equipped with special material and can be replaced. Iron ore concentrator : http://www.china-crusher.com/ore-beneficiation.html Ore processing plant : http://www.hxjqcrusher.com/crusher/Ore-beneficiation.html Spiral separator : http://www.hxjq-crushers.com/15.htm
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