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If you want to keep chickens you should know ahead

by:Trust&Deal Breeding Equipment     2020-06-26
1. Before you begin you have to decide on the type and number of laying hens you'd like to keep. You can easily choose from plenty of species. The variables in temperament and size of these chickens may impact the nest box designs you want to create. As a tip, for every 2 to 4 hens you should use a separate box. 2. When creating a nesting box you should ensure that it has the right size for your chickens. If you have average chickens, then the boxes should have at least twelve inches square, but you can also design them to be large enough so that the hens will be able to turn and stand comfortably. 3. The boxes should be designed in such a way that it will be possible for you to access the nest when you want to remove the eggs, check the hens or clean the nest. Boxes have to be secured in such a manner within the coop that you will be able to see the chicken without disturbing them, also the openings have to be big enough so that you will have no problems reaching for the eggs. This way, when chickens are injured or ill you can easily spot any problems and take timely actions. 4. You have to be careful with the materials and its best you go with types that can be easily cleaned and will ideally not allow parasites or bacteria to easily colonize. Even though most of the time people use wood, it's not such a great idea. This is because it allows for mites to dwell, but it's also hard to keep clean. But using plastic boxes or crates you will find they are much easier to wipe clean and sanitize. To make them even more functional you can just use a coat of non toxic paint or some wood sealer. 5. When building the nests you should think about using reclaimed items like 5 gallon plastic buckets, storage totes and plastic milk crates, laid on their sides after being cut in half. If you want you can also consider using old pet carriers which can easily be converted into nest boxes and are generally available at garage sales and thrift shops. 6. Lastly, the chicken coop nesting boxes should be placed off the ground, but don't consider putting them higher than the nighttime roosting location of your hens. This will allow the hens to feel safe about using the boxes you've designed and keep them from wanting to spend the night in the nests.
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