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I live in the South City tenements, was born in

by:Trust&Deal Breeding Equipment     2020-06-08
I remember the demolition notice on the wall, I drank in the small restaurant next to high. By Liquor effort, I took the old hospital room mother ran to the door and stools screwdriver, unscrew the white characters on red numbers to that child. And never ending unveiled a gray old tiles, old tile home rinse collection. See them, I would think that South City tenements fall, and many remain in the memory of the past. The South City's tenements are not the typical courtyard, but the shadow of a courtyard, is said to be the old clubhouse. West of the main building in the front yard by the back room that has a stone gable, as if recorded in the birth of this compound. Indeed tenements also in line with the characteristics of Hall, which is six or seven different sizes from the compound composition. A door is the front yard, there are two towering blocks out the sun's guhuai. Both sides in facing the South, were not wide of the alley leading to the two other courtyards, the two lane through another phase in the backyard, around the middle of two small courtyard, a child in this hospital we are playing in the alley hide and seek. On the southeast corner of the main entrance in the courtyard, the original must be light and spacious entrance, also has a narrow concierge, room door stayed in memory of a surname weeks old, I wonder why are children still remember his face. He is responsible for customs compound gate opens, the evening with a big lock to lock in the morning to open. Still later, it was next to the small gatehouse that opened up as a back room of the house. I do not know when the change in the east wall to open a courtyard, so the original was converted into a doorway of a south room, where I grew up lived a female student. New doors opened in the old corner called the Goddess of Mercy Temple Street, next to a state-owned food station, a brick and the door is next. North is a shed, four or five meters high, is the first ride on a bamboo pole sized thick, the above code with a bundle of straw mats covered, and then iron Sizha on. Do not wait until winter when idle. Our gang of child I climbed on, stepping on a bamboo pole run. That was to have courage, and sometimes kick Caikong, I will fall into the trap yard. To quickly grasp the bamboo, or to fall down. One old man surnamed Wang, is to send food there Dengsanlun children, Shanxi, a person in the station for dinner. Evening he was always a face, the wet towel pad on his head, and a good face on the head, use sliced ??up and fly into a section of the pot, regard the first time I was shocked to see . Dishes are then shipped carriage toward the town, sometimes with the coachman's skill got to know each and they take us to the Yongding Gate gap, we went to see the train crossing. Once after a trip to sixty trucks, keep us happy in the side of the count is broken. No train, went to the city moat Qulao Buds emerge toad children, is now talking about tadpoles. There is a gap on a waste disposal store, we are called erlangmiao pipe there, and sometimes went to Amoy to change some things that kids like. The corner is a small liquor store child child next door is a Houses. Was a small liquor store is quite attractive to us. Childhood is always empty pockets text, just looking at people to buy things - cigarettes is bought by sticks, fruit sugar together penny, two cents a the glutinous rice balls, have not become a memory wipe to the memory. There is a small liquor store fifty-six square table, impression is beige. Wine served in a black jar with bamboo Libra to scoop a small child. My dad played casual wine, but also I had seen his father at the table drinking, he does not drink at home and the mother did not want to quarrel because of drinking it. I know God is here a huge job. He will do an excellent tapas hand, once the door of his shop head rabbit sauce, attracted the neighbors have to queue to buy, I've eaten a back, too incense. Forty years later, it still feels like that would not stay in the memory receded. Chengdu has a business trip to face selling rabbit head and can not find a child that delicious feeling. Houses are also visited, but also remember that the meeting hall is used. Inside a small black and white TV, on an iron rack, but also locked in a closet. Every day there was not television, rushed to have time to sneak in the program can be spotted, a child can be happy to fancy TV. That year, there are a lot of streets needed to supply people living children shop, buy sell frequently see each other's have become acquaintances. Street south barber shop, butcher shop, pharmacy, grocery, garage. Circle alley in the chair, is a blacksmith shop children, ringing all day long rattled in, I remember there is a blue cloth apron, around the middle-aged women there to Huanpen Dier. At the time New Year is frugal, melon seeds and peanuts is to use the staple food of the buy, will fill two enamelled iron plate. New Year's father bought the meat is a raw pig's head, put fire red-hot poker, the first pig iron to the hair, and then cooked by the mother, and also a big steaming iron pots on the bread, BEAN BAG something. New Year's Eve, the children are playing elements of lanterns, we lit lanterns around the courtyard of the alley turn, be careful not to burn once, and can be heartache. At that time the whole street have a public telephone, a man named Zhao girl's grandmother is to look at the phone, sometimes across several homes to preach the phone. East side of the hospital room is to rent a comic street, and two cents a copy, where to see an afternoon to charge five cents. Did not seem to read it several times, and that the store does not rent, into a home of the. Chair circle alley west of North Port is a rubber factory. I remember sometimes the workers out there, always face stained black dust, but there are beautiful girl, wearing a blue frock, a youth Jiaomei transmission. At that time constraints are more people are living, rubber plants are introduced to the cinder yard became a family of women and girls fighting for things. Everyone burned coal to nuclear is not singled out for children, until the winter when coal-fired furnace with the ball, the mother said it was particularly good stuff burn. However, the factory has an accident happened. I remember the day we shot a few kids are playing the front yard triangular child, is playing only heard a loud explosion, saw a black guy flying in the past, I ran out to look, s good, a fall on the big drum stone heap. That turned out to be the boiler burst. Alley called large students want to go there this is the bread baked by his father, H Dengsanlun children what to do, only lucky enough to escape unharmed. A child's yard, in the eyes of the children is great, there can run a small alley, a shade in the summer trees and vine children, there can be many neighbors stopping by. School children, the more natural, and that the compound has three years more than a dozen families, each with three or four children, the light my children so much there is in a class five or six. Girl is in front of Wang Jun, a small Eastern Hospital, Li Wan, Li Qiulan, Atlantic School of Jun Cao, Shi Changlin and my backyard. I remember elementary school, everyone is learning all about lining up to go home. In addition to the same class, we are the children that another wave of large and small children can be more, successful than my small son, Guo Jian, Xiao-hui, to the new, Sun Ya-Ya fat, than I have bin son woods, Wang, II Bin. I remember as children at home has many comic can be interesting. I do not know how many times children watched. Into sub-father was a very optimistic person, love fishing, and sometimes see him take the kids to do the rubber raft carrying car tires there children to go out and play the net. Embroidery sewing machine into a child his mother these days, always on the go all day long. Zhengdian little money to support their family pictures. Wang courtyard child only a soldier, a child playing war games, he is always when the commander. East, there lived a small courtyard of a family I know. That girl had the smallest primary school classmates and I are students, called Qiu-lan, her sister Jiaochun red. Now that I think should be together, Chun Qiu-lan, very beautiful name. Me and her brother Bijiao Shu, a child, he was a child king, I told him brother. Her family had lived next door to a family surnamed Guo, and moved to the one after the Liu family. Old married couple others good, the girl was called Ronger his home, the hospital is the most beautiful girl, as if working at the post office, I told her to wing sister. Western School of Wang Shu-worth said. His work on the railway, but it has long sickness, and it is a motorcycle inside the compound, the first one to install the phone, but the courtyard was the first year of a child. Old people still love radio, it will assemble their own TV. One night, we took a small group of kids to go to the bench. Sometimes TV a distorted tone to see if he took the screwdriver a tune to sound out. I remember one day, he helped his family go the hospital, said to be a relapse. Since he never returned to the compound, I also made no see him. That's, the courtyard is also really lived celebrity, considered the most famous opera community leaves home. Those days are not far from the red clay from the area of ??the building to store transferred to tenements, and living room in the front yard of the South. Father wants to know is the famous long-Sheng Ye, his wife is Tanpai performers, Tan Yuanshou sister. This is a big family, several sons and daughters, in addition to Xiaoman, hare, small packets of several daughters, and a child and a daughter and Father is a peer, a Takefu a Wu Dan - the son is in the model opera 'Azalea Mountain' in the speech that Li Shijian , Yeliang children also had a co-star, 'fisherman killed at home'; daughter in 'symphony' in the often acted in a small treasure. Those days, his family is always on the Beijing dialect words against children wearing green military uniform, that is, no collar badges, but it was years that the most popular costume was. A child to a hospital-wide tap to a large locust tree in the front yard, the newspaper boxes are hung on a large locust tree. My brother gave me a small pole used to carry water home, to pick the full tank at home. Shaking slightly in front and rear bucket, really fun. There is also a trash the car, pulled to go down every night, sometimes helping a neighbor down the door, anyway, things are Shun. This is the most popular places the hospital. One to cook, there are some vegetables, and wash rice, and clothes, and then water, and neighbors in a large acacia trees, opened the tap next to the chat. If playing catch up to the big locust tree syrup, families are asked to take good water, and children are hiding in the side, watching a column of water jet spray Lao Gao, and after that to a lot more optimistic about the 'hanged ghost children' from the tree sticking out wire hanging down. The kids did not push lightly holding a small stick fell down, and finally swept together. The wood and newspaper boxes on the nail in the guhuai tree, every family to be here anyway, fetching water, by the way will have its own letter read. I do not know why I have a deep feeling that the newspaper boxes. Later, due to changes in the compound, every household water pipes are installed, large acacia trees to gather lost popular role-mail is naturally moved to the front door, this is where everyone must pass through. Newspaper boxes in the erosion of wind and frost have become old, the only shelf in the old it is no longer busy supporting role. After a family move out of tenements, when to go back to see his mother, when the sight of the newspaper boxes, like to see a respected elders in general, a grateful heart the meaning of it spontaneously. When this newspaper boxes with the demolition of the tenements that disappeared along with the gatehouse, but it is so deep to stay in my memories.
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