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how to set a buffet table with plastic cutlery

by:Trust&Deal Breeding Equipment     2020-03-06
The days that many people think plastic tableware is invalid have passed.
The heavy plastic tableware is very strong;
The fork is unlikely to break, the spoon should not break on the handle, and the knife actually cuts off the food.
Avoid the use of clear and white tableware as these are clearly made of plastic.
For the most authentic utensils, use silver
Heavy duty forks, knives and spoons in color.
Use three decorative cans or flour cans without a lid at a height of at least 4 inch.
The containers should have a certain amount of weight so they don\'t turn over like plastic wine glasses.
Place them in a row or triangle, fork and spoon in front and knife in back.
Each container should have the same utensils;
Don\'t mix them together.
For hygiene reasons, place the tableware in the place with the handle up and use a beautiful label on each container indicating what is inside.
Place cans or cans at the beginning or end of the buffet table.
Napkins can be placed in a stack next to the tableware;
To be more decorative, fold each napkin into a triangle and then place them slightly over the table in front of the cutlery.
In order to make the buffet line move faster, please assemble the tableware for guests to pick up at the end of the buffet line.
Tilt the knife to the point of the napkin.
On top of that, add a fork and then a spoon.
Roll it up and protect everything with a ribbon that matches the decoration.
Don\'t tie the ribbon into a knot;
Easy access with bow.
Place the rolling appliance in a pyramid or straight line.
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