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Have you ever noticed that when you 'try' to stop

by:Trust&Deal Breeding Equipment     2020-06-24
Change Your Focus The easiest way to get out of negative thinking is to change your focus. You need to take your mind off what is negative and place it on something else. This sounds easy but it can be harder than you think. You may be worried about your job, about money, about your health, your relationship - any one of these worries can send you spiraling downward. But if you are not able to do anything about any of these things right now then you need to focus on something else. Worrying away at something doesn't change it and it brings more for you to worry about because that is where you are placing your attention. The easiest way to distract your mind is to go read a book, play a computer game, watch a funny movie, go get some exercise, take a walk, go out into nature, play with your dog or your children, play a board game with someone, listen to some good music. If you're an artist or writer, draw, paint or do some stream of conscious writing. If you like to work on things, go fix something. There's an old saying 'idle hands are the devil's workshop.' What this says to me is get up and get moving, take your attention off your problem and do something different. Just shift. Take A Moment to Dream Play the 'what if' game with yourself. Whatever you focus on that is negative has a positive side to it. What is that? Focus on that aspect rather than the negative. Maybe you're worried about your finances. Give yourself a break and imagine what it would be like to not worry about your finances. Enjoy a moment of reverie that is opposite of what you are worrying about. Notice your feelings - see if you can stay in that feeling or find a way to propagate that feeling within you. Play the game with yourself of 'if this were to happen, how would it feel?' Try and place yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally in the picture. Feel the feelings of wealth, of love, of health, of your beauty. Regardless of whether or not you believe it, you are beautiful. Why? Because you are a child of the universe and you are here now. That makes you beautiful in my book. Use Creative Visualization to Shift Your Energy You are energy - all of you - and everything you see and perceive is also energy. In fact, everything is energy, period. When you're feeling down, when you're focusing on the negative, that is the energy you are emitting and aligning with in the universe. It doesn't make you bad, it just makes you a black hole for the negative stuff. To shift your energy, try imagining yourself in a special place. In that special place, there is a magical shower. When you enter the magical shower, you are perfectly protected and safe at all times. You command the space. The shower-head is above you about 10-15 feet coming straight out of the heavens. Pouring out of it is a golden liquid, like liquid sunlight and it has the ability to not only wash away the negativity on the outside of your being, but on the inside as well. Watch as these negative thoughts get washed right down the drain. The drain goes into the center of the earth where the negative energy is transformed back into a neutral state for use again somewhere else. The drain only goes one way, down. Feel this golden light wash over and inside of you. Feel Its life-giving refreshment. It fills your cells with Its golden light and if you cells, when bathed in this golden light sing in harmony, like an angelic choir. Give thanks for this magical shower and realize that it is available to you at any time of the day or night - whenever you need it. Just go there and wash yourself clean of negative energy. Don't Be Fooled Don't be fooled into thinking that because these exercises seem too simple that they can't work. Simplicity is the key to them working. Complicated Mouse Trap game-like contraptions are too complicated to follow. Your mind needs something easy that it can't take apart a million different ways or get lost in the maze of trying to figure it out. Wherever you place your focus is what is going to be attracted to you. You can learn easily and effortlessly to create a life that you desire by simply changing your focus, dreaming a different dream or using energy tools to eliminate the problem at its source.
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