Plastic accessory supplier for Poultry & Livestock Breeding Equipment

Business type of Trust&Deal
Trust&Deal Co.,Ltd. is a for-profit company that creates poultry transport crates . It has been committed to developing its production engineering and introducing innovative equipment to make excellent products. Since its inception, it has been operating in the most professional corporate system, serving customers and striving to be one of the leading manufacturers.

With top-notch technology, Trust&Deal Breeding Equipment offers the highest quality air inlet for poultry farm. Trust&Deal's poultry flooring series contains multiple sub-products. The product features uniform quality of air circulation. The atmospheric temperature and relative humidity have been homogenized to keep it reasonably uniform. The product is superior in bending fatigue resistance. People who suffer plantar fasciitis, posterior tibial tendonitis, or Achilles tendonitis can benefit a lot from this product because of its cushioning and pain relief performance. The product is characterized by superior hardness and elasticity.

As a cooperate that committed to sustainable development, we promote social interaction and protect the environment at all our locations.
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