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As peak summers approach, you will find toddlers

by:Trust&Deal Breeding Equipment     2020-06-25
Choose right clothing for your toddler What your baby wears is essentially important. Dress him in cool cotton wears. Avoid synthetic clothes and other thick clothes as they trap heat inside. They are harsh on baby skin and may even cause prickly heat rash. When stepping out with your toddler, choose long-sleeved, light clothes. Also, protect him from direct sun-light. Make him wear wide -rim hat that fits well. Water-sport good for baby to cool -off Summers are best time to let toddlers enjoy water sports. Toddlers love to splash around, so let them have fun. Organize small pool party for them. Get small inflatable baby pools and put water and toys for them. If nothing else, then let your toddler enjoy in the bathtub. Make bath time, fun time for them. Keep toddler hydrated In the increased temperature, toddlers are likely to get thirstier. Make sure they drink lot of water in summer. It is important to keep them well hydrated. Always keep cup of water on the side of their bed. Along with that, provide toddler with other liquids like lassi, milk shakes, fruit juices, coconut water etc. They are not only refreshing but nutritious for toddlers as well. Do not use massage oils, petroleum jelly or other creams in summers Avoid harsh massaging in summers with oils and other creams. Toddler may develop heat rash or red skin. Even if you do, wash it properly after a while. Do not let it on your baby skin for long. Prefer cooling oils like olive oil or coconut oil. When stepping out, use sunscreen recommended by the doctor. Keep baby's room ventilated in summers In the attempt to keep heat out, do not keep ventilation out of your toddler's room. Let some fresh air into the room in the evening, when air is cool. Prefer fan over AC or cooler and natural air flow into the room. Don't expose him to direct cold air flow Though the weather may be hot, but keep toddler away from direct cool air of AC or cooler. When your toddler is sleeping ensure cold air does not flow directly at him. Do not let toddler transition from cool to hot areas suddenly as extreme temperature difference might harm him. Before stepping out, close down the AC first. Let him adjust to the warm temperature before taking him out.
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