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by:Trust&Deal Breeding Equipment     2020-06-12
WHAT YOU NEED: HOW TO PROCEED: Find a medium sized carton box, about the size of a large shoebox but one with flaps. Use scissors to trim away the sides of each of the four flaps as in the diagram above. Paint the whole box with white paint and use scissors to cut out a rectangular piece of aluminium foil that will fit fully inside the back wall of the box (the side opposite the opening with the flaps). Stick the piece of aluminium foil against the inside back wall using glue. Push the flaps slightly towards the inside of the box, so that the wedges come together where it was trimmed away. Put the box upright so that the side with the flaps are facing you, and you can see the aluminium backing behind the flaps. Now, cut out a circular shape in the floor of the box about 120mm in diameter. Use the scissors to cut away the toe end of an old sock, and stretch the opening of the sock over the sides of the opening in the floor of the box. Use a stapler to secure the sock to the sides of the circular opening in the floor of the box, so that it forms a 'sock-tube' leading towards the bottom of the box. Fix a transparent plastic jar to the other end of the 'sock-tube', with several rubber bands twisted tightly over the sock-end, which is placed over mouth of the jar. Next, make two small holes in the roof of the box, and place the ends of a piece of rope into each hole. Make a large knot on each end of the rope to prevent the rope from sliding, out forming a rope 'handle' for the box. At nightfall, suspend the box from a tree branch and place an electronic lantern or flashlight upright at the back of the box, next to the aluminium backing so that the light is reflected outward. Leave your box-trap out all night and observe your assets in the morning. You will have caught a large variety of nocturnal insects - especially mosquitoes and moths, which are the most annoying! This science experiment works because nocturnal insects use the moon to navigate their surroundings. Nocturnal insects will hence be naturally attracted to any source of bright light, and will fly towards the light in the box being reflected off the shiny aluminium paper. Due to the clever flap design of the box which is folded slightly inwards, the insects find it hard to escape again. The insects become exhausted from flying around trying to escape, collapse, and fall through the sock into the jar below.
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