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What about the supply capacity of chicken coop floor in Trust&Deal?
As a manufacturer with sufficient technique resources and reliable raw materials supply channels for chicken coop floor , Trust&Deal Co.,Ltd. is endowed with a strong supply capacity of the product. Since our inception, we have been studying the updated technology with the help of industry pioneers to improve our production efficiency. Thanks to our commitment to product quality, we are able to supply products with unified performance and abundant application values. Now, there are increasing orders in Trust&Deal and we are confident to complete them to meet urgent market demands.

As a top exhaust fan shutter industry firm, Trust&Deal Breeding Equipment is quite proud. Trust&Deal's poultry flooring series contains multiple sub-products. our team Breeding Equipment chicken transport crates has passed various safety tests required in electric appliances industry. It is tested in terms of the surge, electrostatic discharge, EMC, and susceptibility. It has gained the certification of CE. Most people who suffer from foot pain or plantar fasciitis say the product is useful for them. It helps people improve the wrong posture of shoe wearing, such as under or over pronation. It doesn't collect the dust easily.

As a company bears social responsibility, we aim to conserve resources and minimize our environmental impact in all of our activities.
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