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Venetian blinds are one of most common window blind types

by:Trust&Deal Breeding Equipment     2020-06-01
Blind Colour These blinds come in all kinds of different colours. Colour is a primary design consideration and if you are decorating with venetian blinds you should definitely take it into consideration. How would you like the blinds to work colour wise with the colours of other design elements in the room? You can take into consideration the wall colour, floor colours and tones, colours of lamps and other lighting, and even artwork. Keep in mind that you want these all to integrate into a harmonious design whole for the room. Also remember that the blinds will be receiving illumination from the outdoor light, so they will have a candescence to them as well as being whatever colour they are. Paint your Own Blinds It may not have occurred to you that blinds can themselves be painted. If you buy pure white blinds you can paint them in a variety of interesting ways. Often it works well to sponge paint onto the blinds if you're doing them all in one colour. You can use a small paintbrush if you are painting individual slats different colours. The latter can create a very interesting and psychedelic sort of effect. You might even consider going through them slat by slat and painting through the spectrum. You can also close the blinds and paint a picture on the slats. This will alter as you open the blinds and this can be a lot of fun. Material Though various types of coated plastics are a fine option for your blind material and widely available, you can also consider wood or metal venetian blinds. These may give the room a still more modern, designer type look. Plastic venetian blinds can look sophisticated and modern as well. Wood or metal venetian blinds can complement similar materials found elsewhere in the room. For instance, wood blinds might complement door and crown moulding, a hardwood floor, or even wooden sculptures in the room. If the room has a shiny metallic 'art deco' look, metal venetian blinds can complement it beautifully. Modern Decor You can also try to suit the room elements to the blinds rather than vice versa. If you are going for a modern look, you might start with some classy venetian blinds and then update the room in general with more modern furniture, progressive lighting, and some modern art prints or sculptures. These can, again, be suited to the blinds as regards colour and form and this can be approached in a variety of ways, so use your imagination.
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