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The Crate Blackheart BH112 Little Giant 1X12 Guitar

by:Trust&Deal Breeding Equipment     2020-07-08
Feel free to use it to maximize the tone coming from literally any amplifier that you have. Featuring well crafted construction and its clean tolex work, the Crate Blackheart BH112 Little Giant is a great value in a powerful, portable boutique quality extension cabinet. The closed back tuned design as well as the Blackheart model 1216B Speaker by Eminence is the result of extensive research from both Eminence and Crate. The result of this research is a very tight and responsive cabinet, which in fact, is what all of the BH112's cabinet joinery is based from. A classic design that is well known not only for tone, but also road-worthiness. Crate Blackheart BH112 Little Giant 1X12 Guitar Cabinet Features: * 16 ohms * Handles 75 watts RMS * Well-crafted in its construction * 2 x 16 ohm parallel speaker jacks * 15 ply (18 mm) thick, void-free plywood construction * Clean tolex work, Eminence Speaker with British Voicing * 12' Blackheart Model 1216B by Eminence Speaker with British Voicing, optimized for a closed back cabinet Crate Blackheart BH112 Little Giant 1X12 Guitar Cabinet Reviews: It appears that Amazon sells the BH-5 head with the BH-112 bottom separately whereas some stores sell them as a set. One reviewer connected this amplifier to a Blackheart Handsome Devil head, and stated that it produced a chimy, well-defined tone that works very well with either Humbuckers or single coils. Also the 12' Eminence speaker does a good job of keeping up. The workmanship has been stated a few times to be solid and well made. To go on further it was described as being beautifully appointed as well as everything down the piping being solid. Most were not disappointed with the volume capabilities or the clarity of the cab, but some were more inclined to only use this amplifier as a top quality practice amp or only for small venues. One reviewer did like this cabinet, especially for the price tag and great construction, but felt that the speaker was a bit harsh sounding. This could be due in part to the cab being closed, but it is very likely that if you aren't happy with the sound you could always swap out speakers. And for the price asked of this amplifier you shouldn't have much trouble purchasing another speaker to swap out with the money you will save. If you are in the market for something portable or want to make a small stack, the BH112 might work well for you. This amplifier has been built well, but it may not be able to deliver when it comes to filling a room with blaring sound. Something else of mention from someone who had purchased this amp, is that Blackheart did a great job of matching together the two units. It was stated that the BH-5 head has a feature of a 3 watt or 5 watt tube output. The 3 watt setting however sounds somewhat muddy, but the 5 watt output really helps drive the Eminence BH-112 speaker cab. It is very full sounding and breaks-up literally on command depending on your accents. Basically this means that the break-up is predictable and controllable with regards to how you play. I can confidently recommend this amplifier from the research and reviews I have gone over. Great higher end practice amp that should work well. Find the full review here: Crate Blackheart BH112 Little Giant 1X12 Guitar Cabinet And find many other great reviews here: Best Guitar Amplifiers
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