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Kaolin is extensively used, adding the kaolin

by:Trust&Deal Breeding Equipment     2020-06-21
So kaolin production equipment has been widely used in kaolin production line, kaolin are often machined into the block or powder by us. According to different demand, we can use different kaolin processing equipment, if the kaolin was processed into block, we can choose the jaw crusher, impact crusher, such kaolin production equipment; if to be processed into powder, superfine grinding mill, Raymond mill and other milling equipment can be chosen. Under normal circumstances, we Processed Kaolin into powder, which is more widely used, and ultra-fine milling machine can be chosen for processing. Superfine grinding machine has the following advantages Develop new type of superfine grinding and fine grading equipment based on the mechanical force comparing with the existing comminution and fine grading equipment, new type of superfine grinding equipment is characterized by high energy utilization ratio, the single production capacity is large, the limit of broken powder is small, big crushing ratio, no pollution, wide application range or it can be used for processing special materials with low melting point, toughness, high hardness, inflammable and explosive ones; new fine grading device is characterized by high precision, fine particle size, fine classified particle size, high efficiency, low energy consumption of per unit product, light wear, and good matching performance for the ultra-fine crushing equipment. Kaolin production line production method The preparing process of dry agitating grinding superfine powder has two types: continuous closed and intermittent open circuits. The production process of intermittent open circuit is relatively simple, mainly consists of feeder, stirring mill, adding grinding and the separation device, aggregation and dust collection device, etc. Raw materials for pre-crushing evacuation is then sent to the material bin, After grinding of the material through the separating sieve, the grinding medium was then sent to classifier for Classification. After the coarse particles was classified and was returned to the elevator, spiral conveyor and such return stirring mill, fine powder which meet the fineness requirements was collected from the cyclone dust collector and a bag type dust collector. The separating sieve separate the grinding medium through the screw conveyor and the newly added grinding medium, and then sent to the stirring mill again through the lifting machine and screw conveyor. Secondary processing of the building materials For the cement, sand, wood etc., the general method is to firstly use the crusher for crushing, and then use the fine crusher to adjust the size, it needs ground material into the mill for further processing, The material that needs grinding will be entered into the flour mill, material that does not need grinding , such as sand can be directly used or classified through screening and re-using. In this way, it does not only solve the difficult problem of environmental pollution, but also make full use of the material. Steel slag processing Steel slag is the residual impurity in the steelmaking process. Common steelmaking process including heat pouring method, plate splashing slag water quenching cooling method, air quenching method, the steel slag powder processing method. Common steel slag grinding device comprises a steel slag crusher and slag mill.
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