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How long will it take if I want plastic slat flooring sample?
It depends on whether you have specific requirements for the plastic slat flooring sample. Usually, we will send a normal sample. After the sample is shipped, we will send you an email notification of the status of the order. If you encounter a delay in receiving a sample order, please contact us immediately and we will help you confirm the status of the sample.

Trust&Deal Co.,Ltd. Breeding Equipment occupies the leading position in the slatted floor industry. Trust&Deal's layer feeder series contains multiple sub-products. Different energy conservation technologies are used in the development of Trust&Deal Breeding Equipment exhaust shutter. Frequency conversion, suppression of electric surge, or electromagnetic regulation technology has been adopted to make full use of electricity. It receives wide popularity in the markets of South America, India, Europe, the Middle East, etc. The product is environmentally friendly. The ammonia refrigerants used does not deplete the ozone layer and does not contribute to global warming. It has good tensile, flexural, and compressive resistance properties.

Our company bears social responsibility in our operation. For example, we pursue the overarching objective of achieving the lowest possible CO2 balance.
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