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At night it is a natural instinct for your chickens

by:Trust&Deal Breeding Equipment     2020-05-30
However, perches made from plastic or metal piping are not suitable for chickens, as they cannot grip the perch properly. In fact, chickens prefer to perch on a flat surface with gently curving edges so that their feet are protected as they grip onto the perch. In colder climates flat surfaces are better as they make the chickens sit on their feet and therefore keep them warmer. The perch should be about 2.5 to 4 cm (1' to 2' inches) in diameter depending upon whether you are providing for bantams or regular sized chickens. You can also use tree branches which will give your hen-house a more natural look. Always make sure that there are no rough edges on the perches which can injure their feet,as abrasions can quickly lead to infections and result in problems such as bumblef oot. You should be able to easily remove your perches for cleaning and they should be positioned well away from food or water, as chickens create over 65% of their daily droppings during the night. Some people use trays under the perches which they clean out in the morning as part of their daily routine, alternatively plastic sheeting can be laid down, both of which make keeping the chicken coop clean easier. It is also common in larger sheds or outbuildings to use a built-in droppings pit or box with slats or mesh over it to collect the waste from under the perches. If you have young chicks as they get older they should start to leave the nest box and perch at night of their own accord as long as the perch is higher than the nest box.
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